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Off Grid Solar System

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Off-grid solar power plant is most versatile energy product that gives complete energy independence to the consumer. With our Solar standalone power plant, the customer can have access to power all the time and will not suffer from scheduled or unscheduled power cuts. The customer does not have to depend upon diesel generators during load shedding hours. Our customized power plant solution is capable of running everything just like regular electricity and in fact, the quality of power is far superior compared to grid power in most places.

Off-grid Power Plants are not only green but also economical. It is best investment against ever increasing fuel and grid charges.

Application Areas

  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government Offices
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Petrol Pumps
  • Construction Companies
  • Workshops
  • Water Pumps


Off-grid Solar Power Plant have short payback period of 3-5 years against life of 25 years. Moreover, the lifetime savings are as much as 3-4 times.